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Lunch & Snack Pack 4-6 People Sharing

Lunch & Snack Pack 4-6 People Sharing

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Introducing our on the go LUNCH PACK designed for quick lunches and packed with delicious options ensuring everyone in the family has something they love…allowing you to easily assemble your favorite sandwiches on the go. Includes a selection of freshly baked rolls, premium ham, cheese, and creamy butter and to satisfy your sweet tooth, the pack also has muffins and locally made chocolate, biltong and chips. Our lunch pack is perfect for family activities, picnics, beach days and quick check-in snacks.

Serves 4-6 People Sharing 

Please note: Orders can take up to 24 hours to process 

Brown Seeded Rolls x 8 

Sliced Sandwich Ham 


Salted Butter 

Muffins x 4 *flavor may vary 

Lettuce Mixed Leaf Salad 

Slicing Tomatoes 4 pk

Reduced Oil Tangy Mayonnaise 


Beef Biltong


Still Water x 6


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