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Kiddies Vacay & Snack Pack 1-2 People Sharing

Kiddies Vacay & Snack Pack 1-2 People Sharing

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Introducing The Kiddies Vacay Snack Pack, designed to make your little ones' vacation unforgettable. Whether they're embarking on outdoor adventures or enjoying downtime indoors, this pack has got them covered while you take a well-deserved break. 

It's the perfect blend of delicious and healthy snacks, refreshing drinks, creative coloring in pictures and crayons, and a cards pack to ensure your kids have an incredible time throughout their holiday.

Serves 1-2 Kiddies Sharing

Please note: Orders can take up to 24 hours to process 

Apple 100 % Fruit Juice x 6 

Queen Pineapple 

Nuts x 2 

Biltong  x 2 


Printed Nox Picture x 4 Standard Print 

Crayons/Pencils 12 pack 


Uno/Game Cards *may vary on availability 

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